Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How-to Tuesday - Soda Can Curls

I am obsessed with the photo of Ashley Olsen, with Diet Coke cans in her hair, looking incredibly old-school glam. I also find myself imagining the almost unfathomable amount of volume that would come from a roller this big.

I must try this. Here's how...

Believe it or not, I have seen this done, and it works beautifully. I called a long lost grade school friend and we reminisced about scrunchies, tight-rolled jean cuffs, and NKOTB posters before I asked her if she remembers how her mom used roll her hair in lemonade cans before dance recitals. She remembered, only somewhat fondly, and to my surprise told me she still uses the method once in awhile today. Read her step-by-step soda can curls method below.

And in a perfect world your hair will come out looking something like this:

How-To Tuesday: Soda Can Curls

Supplies: hair dryer; long, sturdy bobby pins; elastic hair bands or rubber bands; clean, empty soda cans; super hold hair spray; volumizing mousse or gel

Step 1: Hair prep
If you're looking for big volume and soft waves, start with dry hair. If you want big, loose glam curls, wash your hair, towel dry it and work in a good amount of volumizing mousse or gel throughout your hair, making sure to get plenty near the roots and working it through to the ends.

Step 2: Sectioning and rolling
Tie most of your hair up on top of your head with a clip, leaving one layer down near the base of your neck. Brush the section so it is smooth and straight - this will prevent it from looking kinky once the curls are finished. Spritz the section of hair with hairspray and roll it around the can as you would a regular curler, getting it as close to your head as possible.

Step 3: Securing
Secure the can by placing the elastic band (use plain rubber bands if your hair is very fine) lengthwise across your hair and the can. Use the bobby pins to secure loose strands by attaching the pin to your hair and the rubber band. Repeat this process around your head until all your hair is rolled. Spray your whole head with a light mist of hairspray. 

Step 4: Finishing
Blow-dry your hair on a low, hot setting, using a diffuser if you have one available. Let the cans and your hair cool before unrolling them. Finger comb your hair and spray with a final spritz of hairspray!

Step 5: Work it
Put on your best sexy/pouty face and work those bomb shell waves.

If you hate reading, check out this tutorial video from ToxicCosmetics.

And, if the cans end up being a little too big and unwieldy for you, try these 2" jumbo rollers. They're super cheap and you can use the same steps from above to make big, voluminous waves.


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    1. Thanks and welcome! I'm just getting started, so it's great to hear that people out there are reading.